How to get the most out of your Blueway Festival experience


Weather – What if it rains?

Answer:  August weather can be very warm. We can also get occasional rainstorms.  This is a rain or shine event.  Please come prepared.

Waivers – Why do I need to sign a waiver?

Answer: You don’t.  However, to participate in any activity, you must have a signed liability form on file.  You can save time by printing out the waiver for each member of your party, fill it out, and get a wrist band showing you are eligible to join the fun. Kids will also need a waiver even to go down the water slide or use the beach.

Click this link to download a copy of the waiver:  Blueway Waiver

Parking – Can I park right up near the front of the park?

Answer: Parking will be challenging in this forested park.  We recommend you car pool with other families and utilize the shuttle system the organizers have in place. You may drive all the way to the fairgrounds to drop off passengers but you will not be able to park there.  It will be best if you park in parking lots #2 & #3 and catch a shuttle for the best results.

You are also welcome to come in by boat but should not pull up on the shore line until the 10:30 Wakeboard Show is completed to prevent damage to your boat. After the Wakeboard Show, you may pull up on the shore line or anchor off-shore. Remember that shore line space is limited.

Shuttles – How often will the shuttles run?

Answer: We plan to run shuttles to the remote parking lots continuously throughout the day. Attendees needing special assistance should see the parking attendants for additional instructions.

Personal Items – What can I bring?

Answer: Attendees are encouraged to bring your ID (for beer purchases), Lawn chairs, Sunscreen, Water, Swim Suits, and Beach Towels.  Coolers are welcome but Alcoholic beverages (including beer) are not permitted in the State Park and offenders will be ticketed.

Bring cash. Internet and phone service is spotty and credit card sales will be very limited.

Timing – What is the best time to attend the festival?

Answer: The festival is designed so that there will be a variety of activities throughout the day. See the schedule on the website to plan your experience. You may leave and return as often as you like but don’t miss the evening music in the pavilion.

Craft Beer

Why do I have to buy a cup?

Answer: The printed Blueway Cups are a way to ensure that outside alcohol is not being brought into the park. Beer sales are closely regulated and monitored by the state and we must adhere to strict compliance to this process. This process also helps us to reduce waste generated at the event. Best of all, you get to keep a commemorative souvenir from the festival.

May I use a cup purchased at a prior Blueway Festival?

Answer: Yes! You may bring your Blueway Cup from previous years and avoid buying a new cup … or add new ones to your collection.

Why are there two sized cups?

Answer: We purchased a lighter weight cup to offer attendees a cheaper alternative to the insulated cup.  Despite their appearance, both cups hold 16 ounces or more of liquid with the insulated cup holding 16 1/2 ounces.

Check in here for the Latest CDC COVID-19 Guidelines

We look forward to everyone having a great time at the Blueway Festival.  We also wish to make sure everyone is safe and encourage attendees to practice social distancing at all times.

Click here for the latest CDC Guidelines.

Check our website often for updates and changes!